Canon Et QL17 manual online. Canonet QL17 Film Camera pdf manual download. Film Camera Canon Canonet G III QL17 Instructions Manual. (28 pages). Canon. G-II QL. CANON. CANON. SN: NO. 50 CO. Canonet QL (1 Focusing Lever Before using your Canonet G-III, Insert the battery on the tab in. The Canonet QL 17 GIII is the final, high-end version of Canon’s famous It offers shutter-priority autoexposure, or unmetered manual mode. Steven Gandy’s overview at Cameraquest; Canonet QL17 versus the Leica M6.

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It is too tight for me with my fingernails, but with the tool it is no problem. Shoot a roll and see what you get. And stock up on hearing aid batteries too and you’ll be good to go.

Outwardly the rewind crank is shaped gii and the “GIII” nampelate is not present. As pictures are shown. Or compare it against another camera or a light meter.

One of the nicest black paint copies I’ve seen. I was just trying to figure out why it wasn’t working and, more importantly, did it mean my meter didn’t work.


A dedicated flash unit was sold with this Canonet. There is no switch otherwise. If you have a flash for your SLR, it may have this capability.

Place the film leader across the take up spool as shown on the interior diagram, close the camera, advance the film twice, and start shooting. Low amperage, short life span and worst of all, they corrosively LEAK without warning! Next, the push button is a non-cleaning no guii to side movement ‘poking’ switch.


Does not have a “Nikon” engraving on top The film counter works properly.

Take Pride to own this beauty! It did work for a while but there are too many third party programs that get round it.

The very best ones for all the QL series are on my website for free! Viewfinder is crystal clear and lens is free of any dust, fungus or scratches. Skip to main content. Film Format see all. The main difference is the battery check. Tiny scuffs from normal use. I agree that it’s probably a bad bulb or bad contact. New other see details. When this camera was produced, mercury cells were standard, but this is no longer the case.

Canon et QL17 Manual

I purchased one from pratedthai last night. When the needle is in either the top or bottom red zone, the shutter will not actuate. Widely regarded as a poor man’s Leica. Note the large for its class lever advance. With print film, that’s negligible.

So, whatever I did by flipping my camera around, etc. Now, to load it up and make some pictures. The battery off switch is effectively the lens cap, or a camera bag.

Canon Canonet QL17 manual –

If the red bars in the window below the lever advance move, you have the camera loaded properly. Gently turn the advance lever to take up the slack in the film cartridge. When selecting a different shutter speed, you can see a ring with a series of perforations moving in front of the metering cell. I also took off the top plate and cleaned the rangefinder canoon.


Olithe battery check switch is a simple metal blade to post contact set-up. It is fast, quiet and easy to stuff into a pocket at a moments notice.

Rangefinder patch is clear and accurate. Once you get used to this it will be an extremely fast focusing action. This model features shutter priority Auto and Manual shutter modes. My question is this: I’d really appreciate a copy of that one if you managed to find one.

It has a feeling of quality about it that you have to feel to understand. The Canonet is a little more involved than most, but still a pretty easy task if you take the time and go slow.

Gjii finally got my Canonet last week. If your canonet meter is not calibrated for a modern battery silver oxyde SR44 let’s say which is the best replacement of the mercury battery for canonet cause it’s voltage is almost constant all the battery life you can see where the needle is when you press the battery check button and ql117 adjust the ISO settings to compensate for the voltage difference. The battery test is in fact a ‘hot’ incandescent lamp, so differences in amp power will affect the brightness during use.

This method uses the flash sensor ON the flash for flash units so equipped.